Crypto Weighting MachineTM

Crypto Weighting Machine does not offer investment advice. We do offer a web-based portfolio analytic tool for cryptocurrencies. The quantitatively-based program enables traders, investors, educators, and financial analysts to study, test, and simulate how using differing valuation methods impacts the portfolio weightings of cryptocurrency holdings.

Proprietary methods are used to weight cryptocurrency positions and generate portfolio reviews. The Machine allows users to publish reports via custom URLs or share reports via social networks.

There is no limit as to how many cryptocurrencies the user includes in his portfolio. Prices are automatically provided on a current basis.

The Crypto Weighing Machine weights currencies based on their having or not having a set maximum supply. Also, the ratio of circulating supply to maximum supply is addressed as are market cap and trading volume.

The demo on the homepage gives users a sense of how the program runs but does not allow full interactive weighting and publishing features.